Work place Information System for Employees (WISE)

ABS WISE is a web based and client-server HRM solution designed for Sri Lankan HR rules, concepts and formalities. ABS WISE has been developed with consultation of experienced HR managers and CEOs and ABS is in the process of incorporating new practices based on the inputs of such experts.

ABS WISE comes with a Base Module which captures all the details related to employees, company and it is formalities whereas the leave management, time attendance and pay roll modules are built on top of the base module.

ABS WISE has a web portal, SMS Gate way interface and an E-mail interface enabling users to perform most essential HR functions irrespective of the physical location. This has enabled the users to access ABS WISE without any extra software simply using the web browser. The web technology used allows to access ABS WISE from any mobile device such as a tablet computer or a mobile phone irrespective of the screen size.

ABS WISE has no limitation in concurrent or named users. Companies can add any number of users. Also ABS WISE supports multiple companies under same management with an additional implementation cost.

ABS WISE can be integrated to back end accounting systems so that it automatically passes all the accounts related entries to such systems. ABS accept the data stream from most of the industry standard finger scanning units.

ABS WISE comes with a large number of built-in reports cater various industries.

Key Features of ABS WISE

Payroll management related features

  • Flexible organization structure with flexible authority hierarchy

ABS – WISE let the user to define a complete organization structure by creating unlimited categories, departments, designations, sections and branches. The system is flexible so that each and every employee can be designated with a reporting hierarchy. (Authorizations not allowed among the companies).

  • Salary advance and festival advance maintenance

ABS – WISE handle most of the salary transactions including salary advances in par with most of the industries. Salary advance details can be updated using MS Excel for individuals, sections, branches, departments or for the whole company. Salary advances and festival advances too can be converted to a bank text file. (Please refer “Bank text file”)

  • OT management

ABS WISE is complaint with flexible OT calculations. Category wise user defined OT calculations, Prior OT approvals, OT slips / sheets, separate OT rate maintenance are possible supported by various OT analysis reports.

  • Payment modes

Payments can be made through cash or bank. Also, there is a facility to divide the salary and send the proportionate salary percentages to multiple bank accounts. The data file can be generated as per the bank’s guide lines. (Please see under “Bank text file”)

  • Loan maintenance

ABS – WISE supports user-defined loan types, loan deductions, settlement and loan re-scheduling. Same employee can be granted multiple loans to operate in parallel or second loan to initiate once the 1st loan is over.

  • EPF/ETF maintenance

ABS – WISE will automatically calculate the EPF & ETF information and a text file can be generated for automatic posting which is compatible with the Central Bank guidelines. System will generate monthly contribution report and the 6 months return reports also. Both EPF and ETF rates are customizable with user defined rates.

  • PAYE tax maintenance

ABS – WISE let user to define the taxable salary amount. Tax tables/tax formulas are updatable as per government policy changes.

  • Lump sum payee ta

Payee taxes for Lump Sum payments (such as bonuses and leave encashment) can be defined and such tax payment schemes can be made flexible. Company directors and non-employees too can be enrolled for payee tax.

  • Bank text file

The system can generate a bank text file which can be used to send the salary details to the relevant bank. Presently system has built-in formats for Commercial Bank, HNB, Sampath Bank, NTB and RDB.

  • Employee transfers, promotions and salary increments.

ABS – WISE can handle salary increments and inter-department, inter-branch and inter-section transfers. Also, the system has the facility to take historical report for employee transfers, promotions and salary increments.

  • Issuing HR related documents.

The system can issue documents such as appointment letters, warning letters and HR related memos. The HR department can create required templates for common documents so that the system extracts data to fill such templates. Also, ABS WISE maintains the history of issuing such letters to employees.

  • Service termination and re-joining

ABS – WISE supports employee service termination and re-hire/re-join. Employees can be terminated on permanent basis or temporary.

  • User defined pay slips

User is able to decide which pay-sheet item to be shown in the pay-slip. The pay-slip can be further customized by the user by defining the printing location of the item in terms of columns and rows. Carbonated papers (pin mailer) and envelope printing too are supported.

  • Font can be changed for pay slip

Pay slip font size and font type can be changed by the user.

  • Multi-Language support for pay slip

User can define the language of the pay-slip, English, Sinhala or Tamil. System will generate pay slips using language defined by user. The language can be customized for

  • Auto filling of the specific item in selected employee related letters

User can place “@” in front of the Name, Address, Designation etc., when printing letters, system will pick up relevant employee detail automatically.

  • Gratuity Provision

Gratuity Provision can be processed monthly OR yearly basis (one out of them).

  • Hold Salary

Employee wise salaries hold facility.

  • Pay Sheet

Comprehensive pay sheet is available inclusive of cash and non-cash benefits (non-cash benefits are the payments made to an employee in addition to the salary but subjected payee tax)

Leave management related features

  • Facility of manual leave request / approval with centralized data entry

Employees can continue to submit the leave applications to the approval and same to be entered to the HRIS centrally.

  • Facility for manual and automated attendance information

Attendance details can be captured automatically from the finger scan devices or same can be uploaded manually. In manual attendance mode, the attendance details to uploaded via a text, dat or excel file.

  • Fully automated leave request and approval facility together with SMS and e-mail notifications

The HRIS is web enabled so that the employees can apply leave via the web interface and same can be approved (or rejected) via the web portal. The status of such requests are distributed using SMSes and e-mails to the relevant parties. Please refer the “Employee web portal” and “E-mail intrgration” and “SMS integration” below.

  • Employee web portal

This facility provides for employees to access attendance and HR related services using the internal or external network. Each employee will be provided with an individual login. Services provided are;-

  1. View Company Calendar
    View Employee Attendance
    Apply leave online
    Approve leave online
    Facility for or employees to request for predefined standard letters
    Facility to clock in and clock out (if there are no finger scan units available)
    Employee leave balances
    User profile
    User time line
    Approval authority can view the subordinates leave details
    Employee attendance summary


  • Mobile devices friendly technology

The web portal uses Microsoft MVC Entity Framework and Bootstrap enabling accessibility eabling any mobile device irrespective of the operating system and the screen size of the device to access ABS WISE (Apple, Windows and Android).

This has made enable the staff members to apply leave and the approval authorities to approve same using any smart mobile device.

  • E-mail integration

Leave request and leave approval details are notified to the respective staff members via e-mails.

  • SMS integration

Leave request and leave approval details are notified to the respective staff members via text massages. The system has been tested for Dialog and Mobitel mobile networks. With a number masking scheme this will become a very handy feature. The SMS notifications re available to both the requester and the approval authority.

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