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Make your Retail Business Perfect – ABS POS

Point of Sales System - ABS POS

ABS-POS is a perfect solution to manage your retail business. It has an easy interface and has all the features you will need to manage your retail or whole-sale business. ABS POS works in multiple configurations so that it can be adopted by enterprises with single or multiple POS positions in the same premises or in multiple locations. ABS-POS is fully interactable with Tally.ERP 9 for enterprises who needs ab extensive finance reporting capabilities.

Features of POS System - Standard Edition

  1. Item Creation/Service Creation
  2. Manage Items with multiple prices
  3. Maintain different Price Levels for a product
  4. Expiry date management
  5. Serial Number Tracking
  6. Barcode Management
  7. Manage Promotions
  8. Manage Free issues for an Item.
  9. Manage Warranty expiry dates
  10. Manage Discounts
  11. Manage Cost Codes
  12. Maintains Average Cost
  13. GRN Facility
  14. Supplier Return Management
  15. Stock Transfer Facility
  16. Raise Purchase Orders
  17. Wastage Management
  18. Stock adjustments Facility
  19. Supplier/Customer Credit Management
  20. Customer Management
  21. Capture Credit/ Debit Card references
  22. Return Invoice management
  23. Cash Float Management
  24. Upload Data to XML

Reports - Default

  1. Transaction Reports
  2. Stock Reports
  3. Income Reports
  4. Payment Reports
  5. Sales Reports

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